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Introducing KAMIKAZE!, a new way to experience your favorite comics and graphic novels.  Developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch, KAMIKAZE! delivers an interactive interface never before seen in mobile comics.

Kamikaze offers:

- Full page layouts

- Panel by Panel

- Text Bubbles enlarge on full pages and in panels

- Slideshow, set your speed

- Swipe to advance or flick your wrist

- Double tap or pinch to zoom in and explore

- Advanced Settings Customize your Experience

A CONTRACT WITH GOD by Will Eisner                

A revolutionary novel, A Contract With God re-creates the neighborhood of Will Eisner's youth. Expressing the joy, exuberance, tragedy, and drama of life on the mythical Dropsie Avenue of the Bronx, A Contract With God is a monumental achievement, a must in the library of any graphic novel fan.

"Eisner was not only ahead of his times; the present times are still catching up to him."—John Updike

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ZOMBIES vs ROBOTS, Issues #0, #1, #2 by Chris Ryall & Ashley Wood              

It's tech prowess meets undead mayhem! In this tale of carnage from the Eisner Award-nominated team of artist Ashley Wood (Popbot) and writer Chris Ryall (The Great and Secret Show). A post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies has only one chance at recovery - a team of robots that must protect and clone a lone surviving human baby. They just need to do this amidst the endless hordes of zombies who have been driven rabid by their frustration at inedible bots and their lust to eat the one living brain left on the planet.

Issue #0 is the prequel, special release!

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NY Comicon 2009 News!

We’re back and excited that the Kamikaze! reader was so well received!  Will Eisner’s “A Contract with God” and IDW’s Zombies vs Robots #2 are now available on the App Store (visit our store to buy the app!).  We apologize for the delay with Zombies vs Robots #0 and #1, we’ll keep you updated. 

Read on to hear what the press is saying about Kamikaze!

Comics Briefly

Compiled by Kate Fitzsimons and staff -- Publishers Weekly, 2/10/2009 7:15:00 AM

NYCC09: Read Will Eisner on iPhone

Melissa Pope and Helen Cho Anthos, co-CEOs of Genus Corp, a software development firm focused on mobile devices, have developed a new application for reading graphic novels on the iPhone and iPod Touch. The application is called Kamikaze, and will be available this week through the iPhone App Store. The two software developers were roaming the floor of the New York Comic-con discussing the new application and their new licensing deal with the Will Eisner estate that will allow Kamikaze to be downloaded with a selection of Eisner’s acclaimed literary graphic novels. A Contract With God will be available immediately for $1.99 in addition to other titles like The Building and Life on Dropsie Avenue.  Mobile comics company Uclick also has an iPhone comics application but Kamikaze has advantages. Unlike Uclick, Kamikaze makes use of all of the iPhone functionality—the easy swipe, pinch and scale-up functions as well as functionality specifically designed for Kamikaze. There are full-page layouts, panel by panel slide-shows, easily enlarged word balloons and much more. Genus’s elegant ebook technology has been used for the ebook version of the Green Book, the New York Times environmentalist bestseller by Elizabeth Rogers and Thomas Kostigen. Pope and Anthos are in the process of negotiating new licensing deals to bring more comics and graphic novels to the Kamikaze.—C.R.

Markosia Enterprises                

Kong:  The 75th anniversary of King Kong kicks off here!  What happens after

Kong’s fall from the Empire State Building?

Beowulf:  This stunning graphic novel captures the power and majesty of the greatest sword hero

of all time!

Kong, King of Skull Island, Beowulf, and many more titles from Markosia coming soon!

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Prince of Baghdad, Written by Tony Lee, Art by Dan Boultwood

Genies, Pirates, Treasure, Magic Carpets!  Welcome to Baghdad, home to the legends of the Arabian Nights!  Episode 1 now available for Free!

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“...the coolest Comic iPhone App so far...”

-Mike Raub, ComicMix